Unable to obtain ssl cert

This is weird, I have several domains on the same server, and only 1 is unable to get a cert.

2016/09/19 18:01:01 [INFO] Certificate for [example.com] expires in -100h28m1.149607784s; attempting renewal
2016/09/19 18:01:02 [INFO][example.com] acme: Trying renewal with -100 hours remaining
2016/09/19 18:01:02 [INFO][example.com] acme: Obtaining bundled SAN certificate
2016/09/19 18:01:03 [INFO][example.com] acme: Could not find solver for: tls-sni-01
2016/09/19 18:01:03 [INFO][example.com] acme: Could not find solver for: dns-01
2016/09/19 18:01:03 [INFO][example.com] acme: Trying to solve HTTP-01

This domain has previously been working, this only started happening when it tried to renew (now expired).

Any ideas why only 1 particular domain would be having an issue?

Also noteworthy: this problem blocks all other domains from starting. Have to remove this domain from the Caddyfile to get the others to start.

Looks like the CA’s servers aren’t hitting your machine when requesting something on example.com - make sure your DNS is set properly and your system/infrastructure is set up properly so that it can get through to that instance.

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DNS is set up, I can ping the server successfully. Like I said, I also have several other sites working on this server, it’s just this one, so I’m not sure what’s special about it.

Oh, are you using an old version of Caddy?

I’m using 0.8.2. I was worried about upgrading because I thought you deprecated the markdown plugin. I guess I could try it and see what happens.

You need to upgrade. :wink: Sorry. Let’s Encrypt made some changes and the old ACME implementation is outdated.

The Linux ARM build doesn’t work on my server (Raspberry PI). Some Illegal Instruction error.

I can build from source, how do I include the plugins (I need git) when doing so?

You might need a different ARM version (6 instead of 7, probably). Add arm=6 to the download link and it will probably work on your Pi.

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That did indeed work, thank you!

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