Proxyprotocol plugin for caddy 2?

Switching from Caddy 1 to 2. It’s not clear to me if the http.proxyprotocol plugin is available in binary form for Caddy 2 yet? Any tips on how to get it to work with Caddy 2?


Most v1 plugins are not available yet for Caddy v2. They need to be ported to v2. There are instructions for how to write v2 plugins and modules here:

Also, there was a feature request to add PROXY protocol here:

Also, Matt sent a reminder to the author of the v1 plugin that v2 is ready to be ported to here:

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Since this seems to be a popular link, the Caddy v2 version of the proxyprotocol plugin is here:

Caddyfile support is not yet ready, but it should be soon, likely alongside Caddy v2.3.0, which adds a way to make listener wrappers configurable:

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