Plugins having build issues as of 05/06/2019

(Magikstm) #1

I tested each plugins separately and here’s the list of those that don’t build on :
tls.dns.cloudxns - @matt
tls.dns.dnsmadeeasy - @matt
tls.dns.dnspod - @matt
http.authz - - Fixed 05/06/2019
http.awses -
http.geoip -
http.locale -

I believe last 4 could be corrected by using a valid release version tag in the form v0.1.0 or v1.0.0.

I’m unsure on the 3 dns provider plugins.

Ref: Plugin authors: Please deploy at semantic version tags or specific commits

(Matt Holt) #2

Ohhhh thank you for doing this!!! I will take a look at the DNS provider plugins. (Maintaining those is such a pain. I need to improve that…)

I just haven’t gotten around to contacting each plugin author yet so thank you for opening those issues!

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(Magikstm) #4

Would these be merged into a single one if the change discussed here is applied?

Is it planned in the near future?

(Matt Holt) #5

Probably not, but I want to make a way to deploy a whole batch of plugins at once.

Also, the whole thing about “one plugin per repo” (which I fudged on with the DNS provider plugins since they’re so small and similar) might go away now that we’ve switched to Go modules. Will have to look into it more.