Idea: mod_pagespeed

Just saw this was allready sugested under Google PageSpeed for Caddy - #3 by matt

I really like to have this plugin in Caddy so I can go full Caddy with out Apache or Nginx


PageSpeed Optimization Libraries are C++ libraries, that can be compiled into a Apache module or compiled into Nginx.

Incorporating them into Caddy (written in Go) would require drastic changes enabling cgo. Which isn’t ideal at all, not to mention time consuming, if even fully possible. I don’t see it happening. What’s more ideal in my opinion is to borrow a lot of the ideas, as plugins to Caddy, and use as needed.

Some of these have already been done, such as gzip and minify. There is room for more (maybe a image optimizer?), but a single monolithic plugin? Not unless someone has a lot of time on their hands, or Google releases it as a Go package. :slight_smile:

FYI, on a side note, PageSpeed puts a lot of the work on the server to fix sub-optimal HTML/CSS etc. It was released nearly 7 years ago. There are better tools these days to help designers/developers do this before they ever deploy their app/site. Check out stuff like Grunt, Gulp, webpack and all of their optimization libraries, that do all the optimization before they’re uploaded to the server.


Yeah sounds really time consuming. I am using Sharp for my images it uses node.js and works really well and have a lot of options.