Google PageSpeed for Caddy

I was looking at Google’s PageSpeed project and find it nice way to simply include a module and get a optimized site. Of course we already have gzip, minify and the like, but it might be a good to have a version that directly supports Caddy. It might direct a good take up of v1.0 when its released.

“Minimal light-weight web-server that serves minimal light-weight content”

I put a contact request into Ilya Grigorik one of the project maintainers to talk about the idea. What’s the communities thoughts on the topic?

Google NGINX plugin source.


A pagespeed plugin would certainly be doable. And in fact, I bet we’d have the easiest instructions of the three servers (compared to those for nginx and Apache) - at least for the basic use.


@slightfoot Did you ever discuss the idea more?

Hi Matt, was about to ask this same question. Is this still applicable? What are your thoughts friend.

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