How to get Caddy working with Cloudflare?

Sorry for all the frequent questions, just not really sure what to do, and there’s not any guides online(that I can find anyway) on this subject. I’m just curious to what needs to be done in the Cloudflare panel to get everything working properly.

@Whitestrake is working on a guide that’ll be posted in the wiki that should answer that. I’m not sure when he’ll be done though.

Great to hear! My current provider(Freenom) isn’t working with subfolders, and Cloudflare was just a mess when I tried to set it up :sweat_smile:

Though after I was digging into Cloudflare a bit, it’s free tier wasn’t very appealing with limited port options…

The absolute easiest way to get Caddy working with Cloudflare is to turn the orange cloud off entirely and use it like any other DNS provider. Caddy will then pretty much “just work”.

Few days on that wiki post, at least. I’m hoping to make it pretty comprehensive. In the meantime, feel free to ask any specific questions you have.

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In the meantime, if you want to use the reverse proxy, I cover many of the available options here I've written a blog post on how to configure Caddy for Cloudflare

Eh, my current provider will do. I don’t got extra stuff like built in DDOS protection, but the limited ports on the free tier of Cloudflare is a big turnoff.

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