I've written a blog post on how to configure Caddy for Cloudflare

I’ve always found the Cloudflare security settings slightly overwhelming and I’m also new to using Caddy, so I thought it would be a good idea to play around with both and write a blog post about it:


I’ve covered the most important SSL settings and I believe the post could be useful to people trying to get started with Cloudflare as well as Caddy.

Please tell me if you notice anything wrong with the content of the post or the site. Also, tips on writing are definitely welcome as this is my first ever blog post!


That’s great!

Would you be willing to write a wiki that the community can keep up to date with similar contents as a place we can point users to if they have questions about Caddy + Cloudflare?

I know @Whitestrake had it on his TODO list to write a similar wiki, so I’m sure he’s willing to help you with it :smile:

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