Gopher on caddy?

Has anyone considered writing a Caddy plugin to serve files over the Gopher protocol? How difficult would this be? I just think a Gopher server written in Go would be poetic :slight_smile:

UPDATE: When I mentioned this in the Hugo forum, someone pointed out this Go library for the Gopher protocol might be helpful: GitHub - prologic/go-gopher: Gopher (RFC 1436) protocol library for the Go (Golang) programming language supporting both client and server

Could be neat. Might make sense as a server type plugin, maybe?

Any major benefits of the gopher protocol?

It has benefits for privacy (doesn’t have many features web browsers use for tracking), for sustainability (less energy usage because less features = less data transferred), for slow/bad internet connections… Overbite Project: Why still use Gopher? What makes Gopher relevant?

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