Forward proxy with caddy2


Is there a way to setup Caddy2 as a forward proxy? I saw a post from two years ago that this was planned for the forwardproxy plugin (Making a forward proxy with v2) but it seems to not work to build.

Could I use caddy-l4 Modules - Caddy Documentation to achieve something similar? I want to run a pure proxy with no website.

The proxy should authenticate against upstream. Clients should not use any authentication.

The v2 branch works:

As far as I know. There’s a failing test but I think it’s because the test is wrong (I couldn’t figure out how to get it ported from Caddy 1 setup). Still, I can’t prove that, so if you absolutely need the assurance of privacy (i.e. if your physical safety is at risk) I would maybe wait until someone with expertise volunteers to test it thoroughly. (I even do not have the necessary experience for that.)

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