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I’d like to add fetching caddy to my Dockerfile, for the sake of observability I’d like to know which version of caddy I’m downloading, is this possible?

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also, i did not found the way to do it

We don’t currently allow downloading old versions from the website, since we really, really want people to use the latest version for bug fixes and any security updates. After we reach v1.0, that may change, but for now if you want an old version, you can download them from GitHub releases or build it yourself. (It’s fun! I promise.)

I really don’t like not knowing which version my image has and I don’t want to be building it “just in case there’s an update”, but I can understand pre 1.0 skittishness. I’ll try out building it since I’m using the http.upload plugin.

You can know which version you have by running caddy -version. :slight_smile: (Even I use it all the time.)

Right, but I don’t know that from looking at my Dockerfile. I’m using cadddy as part of my CI setup and don’t really have a way/need to run caddy -version. I’d like to be able to see my RSS notification of new tag/release in github, go over to my Dockerfile and change the CADDY_VERSION and then commit/push that. I’ll being doing so now with my custom builds, but it would be nice to just download the release+plugin.

Worth noting, too, that if we’re looking into maintaining an official Docker repository at some point, old versions will need to be repeatable, i.e. the same Dockerfile must always build the same version of the Caddy image.

I think it’s something that should definitely be done… eventually.

The devportal (and buildworker) do support building Caddy at different versions, but the website currently doesn’t expose that interface. It’s pretty easy to support, so I think we can make it happen.

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