Caddyfile adapter name


I have been using a non-standard Caddyfile name so I will need to explicitly use --adapter but Caddyfile nor caddy are recognized. What be the magic word? or is Caddyfile going to be the only acceptable name?

nevermind. I just kept trying.

it’s caddyfile all lower case

The name you want is caddyfile. :slight_smile:

--adapter caddyfile

Why not just name the config file Caddyfile?

just a personal preference running so much software and so many machines I like all my configuration files to use a recognizable extension yaml, json,toml... and in the case of a configuration file format particular to some software .conf or .cfg thus caddy.conf. Now that I can I’ll probably export as json and convert it to yaml since prefer that format and my ide supports syntax highlighting and linting for yaml.

But hey once I write that new super cool web frontend for the V2 api goodbye any manually edited configuration file.

Fair enough, just wondering is all!

That’s in my plans after the v2 release as well. Maybe we can collaborate. I’ll message you if that’s the case!

Sure. I’m set to deploy a big project hopefully in the next month (if I am allowed to travel :frowning: ) and after that I can take on some new coding project and this one was at the top of my wish list.

so I made a topic in the coding category for some open discussion/tracking of this.

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