Caddy v2 + brotli?

My understanding is that brotli is NOT intended to be used on-the-fly due to how CPU intensive it is (just spoke with Yoav Weiss, a Google engineer on the Chrome team, about it), so it makes sense that encode no longer supports it in v2 (or that some sort of caching needs to be implemented first).

Is there a new way to use brotli with v2? Anything on the Roadmap?

I think of this as more of a “Serve the web like it’s 2020” bragging rights sort of thing rather than an absolutely necessary feature, but I’m curious.

Hey AJ,

You’re looking for content negotiation, on my TODO list:

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This thread might be relevant for you as well for the time being, until a proper solution for content negotiation is implemented.

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For whoever finds this in the future, this is now possible since v2.4.0, using the file_server directive’s precompressed option.

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