Caddy timeout options?

Nginx has variable timeout options for keep alives, proxy read,send etc. Does Caddy have equivalent options to tune and adjust ? if they’re hard coded, what are their defaults ?

Currently these are not customizable, but it’s possible they could be in the future.

Customizing the settings of a listener is tricky because the Caddyfile configures sites, not listeners, so when we combine sites that share a common listener, we need a way to reduce their different configurations into one value, for example, by taking the minimum or maximum or average or something. This is not very intuitive, but it’s what we already do for some tls settings, which, for instance, take the maximum range of protocol versions.

Anyway, feel free to consult the code base for the current values; right now we just use Go’s defaults for many of them. You’ll find (current, as in, time of writing) server listener timeouts here and proxy timeouts here.

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thanks Matt will dig into those :slight_smile:

Was thinking how about taking advantage of import so you could optionally add import into Caddyfile for a known file that can override Caddy default listener timeouts and settings if the known file exists and end user wanted to do so ?

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