Announcements for 2023: Sponsorships, New Logo, Swag Store, and Website/Docs!

Did you see all our announcements for the new year? Here’s a roundup!

New logo

Our logo got a refresh! Certified AI-free.

Sponsorship goals

We aim to double our current sponsorships to sustain more helpers and maintainers on our growing project!

Website & docs focus

In 2023, I want to renew an effort to enhance the website and documentation. Submit your feedback!

Swag store

We are preparing to open a store where you can buy merchandise to show off your favorite web server! The store will not support the project financially (that’s what sponsorships are for) which will make our products the most affordable for you. But it’s fun nonetheless!

We’re currently in the “order samples” phase, to make sure we like the look and feel of the new products. Stay tuned for when we launch the store!


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