ZeroSSL paid plans

I was under the impression that with issuing certs via Acme allowed for unlimited 90 day certs at no charge but have recently been told that I must upgrade to a paid plan as I have gone over 100 certs. I was alerted when I logged into the ZeroSSL dashboard.

I exchanged emails with ZeroSSL with not much luck and in the end had to upgrade to make sure everything kept working BUT

Their ACME documentation page (ACME Documentation - ZeroSSL) says that it is unlimited 90 day certs at no charge,

On the pricing plan page it says infinite number of 90 day certs on the basic plan.

After upgrading to the first paid plan (basic) my dashboard says that I can issue 10,000 90 day certs.

Even more confusing is that I have issued more certs since upgrading and it still says that I have issued 0 out of 10,000 certs?

I’m thinking these limits are not for ACME but for manually issued certs via the dashboard?

Help, anyone?!

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I don’t know much more than you do, but my understanding is you can issue unlimited certificates via ACME on ZeroSSL. But if you use the dashboard to issue or manage certificates, that’s where the limitations of your payment plan apply.

Hi Matt.

I wasn’t sure where to post it as it wasn’t necessarily to do with Caddy as such, thanks for moving to a better place.

That’s my understanding too, I think they’ve given me the wrong information so have tried again to get some answers. Will post back here when I know more.

Never got a reply to multiple requests with ZeroSSL which is a pain. I downgraded back to a free account to see what happens.

Thank you for the update. I’m interested in further info too, so if you have one then please keep posting here.

So after upgrading I then downgraded back to a free plan which would stay as a paid plan until the end of the month, The day before it expired I set up four new domains to get SSL certs via Caddy and it would just time out with “context deadline exceeded”.

I was pretty sure this was an issue with ZeroSSL just being slow but upgraded again just to be sure, still nothing so marked the account for a downgrade again (at the end of the month).

All four new certs were issued later that night in the early hours which leads me to believe ZeroSSL was just being slow.

Inbetween all of this I have messaged ZeroSSL multiple times and apart from the initial bad advice I have had no response whatsoever which isn’t good.

Hopefully, when my account is downgraded again at the end of the month, I will continue to have no further issues. Will report back if I do.

TLDR; I believe ZeroSSL give me the wrong information and as @matt stated, a paid account is only needed if you wish to issue certs from the ZeroSSL dashboard and have gone over the 100 limit.


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