Wordpress scheduled posts with Caddy 2

Hi, guys.
My wordpress blog seems to be working very well with Caddy v2, except for the fact that I can’t schedule posts. It always fails to post scheduled posts.
Is there any specific module that I need to install?

Howdy @lepore,

Caddy should have pretty much nothing to do with scheduled posts. To the point where if you asked me specifically to find a Caddy configuration that works with the rest of the site but breaks scheduled posts, I’d have no idea where to start.

It’s all handled internally by their PHP, and WP-Cron (it’s not really cron, it’s just a list of scheduled tasks triggered by page loads).

I’d suggest you look into WordPress troubleshooting for this one.

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You are absolutely right, sir.
All I had to do was to install the WP Missed Schedule.

Thank you very much.

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