Wordpress Issue

Unable to get the Wordpress example to properly pass the files off to php-fpm to be processed, Files are just download instead. Tested both on php 7.1 RC3 and php 5.6 with the same results on 2 different machines.

All other similar php applications seem to setup and run fine with tweaks to the rewrite rules, so this could entirely be a problem with Wordpress itself or my machines.

Running this on OSX Sierra, but this problem was present on the previous version as well

Can you share your Caddyfile and other relevant information ?


My Caddyfile is the one provided in the WordPress example, I have not changed any settings.

PHP was installed via brew, version 7.1, and I have made no changes to the config
files after installation. So this is a barebones install of PHP and PHP-FPM. I am running a download version of WordPress stable backed by Maria DB in a docker container.

I have no issues running vanilla PHP application, Drupal, or even something as obscure as Anchor CMS.

Running the latest version of Caddy, so again I am not sure if this is Caddy or WordPress.
Attached a quicktime to show you what is going on …

That is so weird. Can you enable error and access logs and share the output ?

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I am getting no errors; I am guessing we will have to chalk this up to being just me. You are not experiencing this issues, correct?

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