Will caddy2 be compatible with caddy 1 in the near future?

We are still using caddy 1 since it is easy to use. Just wondering if caddy 2 will be compatible with caddy 1 in the future which will make us easier to upgrade. We choose caddy just because we are lazy. Otherwise why not Nginx which is more popular with lots of tutorials out there.

No. Caddy v2 was a complete rewrite from the ground up. Caddy v1 and its configuration had many design mistakes that we aimed to fix with Caddy v2.

Upgrading should not be difficult. Follow the upgrade guide. If you have any issues, feel free to ask for help here on the forums.

You really should upgrade as soon as possible, to ensure your server stays secure.


Caddy 2 is also easy to use. :thinking:

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Just post your caddyfile and people here will help convert it. It’s not that different and not rocket science… done once etc. Do you really think the nightmare that is NGINX would be easier than a simple conversion?


Thanks everyone. I am using the latest version right now. Indeed only took me a few minutes.


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