Why can I access my server via web but cannot ping it?

I didn’t post the help template because my server IS running, just with an oddity. I run “jellyfin” on my home server. The address is https://jellyfin.digitalwashu.net

I am able to access the Jellyfin interface by entering that address in my browser. However, I cannot ping the address. Why is that?

This all came about because I was watching a video and after a random time period, it would stop, and I’d be unable to log back into Jellyfin. Having no idea where to begin looking for the problem, I decided to ping the server, which failed. Therefore I figured it must be either to do with Caddy or something in front of Caddy, until I discovered I was able to still access the server, but not ping it. That tells me Caddy is alive and listening. So now I’m left wondering why I can’t ping it.

Ping is outside the scope of Caddy. Ping uses ICMP protocol, while Caddy handles TCP¹. For ping to work, you’ll have to look into your firewall and/or the server network stack config.

¹ It can handle UDP, depending on the configuration, which is still outside the realm of ICMP.


Understood. Thank you for that explanation!

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