Which WordPress hosting Should I Pick

I have been using shared hosting for my multiple website but now I am planning to transfer WordPress website to new hosting. I am not much familiar with the technical thing before choosing any other hosting provider. Can someone please suggest me any good hosting provider which can efficiently manage all my website without charging to much. Thanks in advance.

which needs to be done for migrating any website. Would you please suggest any free WordPress migration plugin

Hi @BaldwinJackson,

This website is for Caddy web server, which you would run and maintain yourself. You would need a basic working understanding of server management in order to use Caddy effectively.

Caddy can indeed serve WordPress, but is generally incompatible with the vast majority of shared hosting, which uses Apache instead. You’d need to run it on a virtual private server, a dedicated server, or your own hardware.

Your link leads to Cloudways, which I understand provisions VPS’ on your behalf. There’s only a few options, and all are usable.

Incidentally, I can recommend from personal experience that Duplicator is a great WordPress migration plugin. Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

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