Where does Caddy keep their certificates?

(Cows) #1

I run my server in a practically immutable FreeBSD Jail (it can get recreated at any time).

Where does Caddy store all the cert info, where I can copy and paste it outside the Jail?

(Magikstm) #2


The .caddy folder

Caddy will create a folder in your home directory called .caddy . It uses this to store and manage cryptographic assets required to serve your site privately over HTTPS. Your sites’ certificates and private keys are stored here. Take care to back up and protect this folder. If there is no home folder, the .caddy folder is created in the current working directory unless $CADDYPATH is set. The home folder is learned from the environment ( $HOME or %HOMEPATH% ). Multiple Caddy instances can use or mount the acme subfolder as a disk and Caddy will automatically share the certificates and coordinate maintenance between them.