Where can I find manual of caddytls?

Where can I find a manual of caddytls ?

Here you go : https://caddyserver.com/docs/tls

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Hi @goodforever,

In addition to the TLS directive linked by @Nirjhor, you might also find the Automatic HTTPS documentation relevant as it outlines Caddy’s default behaviour under most circumstances.

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I cannot find how to use storage part of caddy/caddytls/ on Welcome — Caddy Documentation

If you’re looking to change where Caddy saves its certificate store on the host, you’ll want to look at CADDYPATH, which you set as an environmental variable:


If you’re looking for a TLS storage plugin which has been mentioned occasionally around here for clustering Caddy in high availability, it hasn’t been developed just yet, but they’re working on it, I understand.

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