What's port 80/udp used for?

I know Caddy isn’t using it (yet?)

I just ended up here and I noticed it’s assigned to http.

I didn’t know that. Is it an edge case or should we expect to see it in the future?

Caddy does not use UDP on port 80. It only uses UDP on port 443 for HTTP/3.

I know that.

I was surprised in discovering that port assignation and I’m asking assuming somebody here knows what 80/udp is supposed to be used for. (I haven’t found much other than that assignation, even h2c is tcp only, and I don’t think http/3 has an equivalent for that)

It’s probably just reserved so nobody else tries to claim it which would be confusing because there’s already precedent for port 80 to mean HTTP and 443 to mean HTTPS.

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Also mentioned here RFC 9110: HTTP Semantics

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