What about adding config file version for caddy Config?

I want to add version info for the current config file, thus I can determine to use which config from different source, e.g. from file or some distributed config center, what I think first if it’s proper to add such info in caddy.Config if it is common for others, if it is not so common then I will extend the caddy to support this in a custom module.

type Info struct {
        Version string `json:"version,omitempty"`
        // ...

type Config struct {
        Info *Info `json:"info,omitempty"`
	Admin   *AdminConfig `json:"admin,omitempty"`
	Logging *Logging     `json:"logging,omitempty"`

	// StorageRaw is a storage module that defines how/where Caddy
	// stores assets (such as TLS certificates). The default storage
	// module is `caddy.storage.file_system` (the local file system),
	// and the default path
	// [depends on the OS and environment](/docs/conventions#data-directory).
	StorageRaw json.RawMessage `json:"storage,omitempty" caddy:"namespace=caddy.storage inline_key=module"`

	// AppsRaw are the apps that Caddy will load and run. The
	// app module name is the key, and the app's config is the
	// associated value.
	AppsRaw ModuleMap `json:"apps,omitempty" caddy:"namespace="`

	apps    map[string]App
	storage certmagic.Storage

	cancelFunc context.CancelFunc

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