Web App Firewall Conversion

Hi all

Brand new to Caddy but absolutely loving the fresh approach to serving the web in 2016. I’m looking (as I’m sure many people are now) to protect a Wordpress site.

Traditionally this is done using .htacess rules. I’m fully aware that Caddy doesn’t use .htacess but has something that looks to be much more user friendly to work with in rewrite.

I’ve come across the 6G web app firewall that is written as .htaccess regex. https://perishablepress.com/6g/ This would appear to me to be a fantastic way of offering some decent security protection for sites (Wordpress and non) served by Caddy.

If I knew how to read and understand regex, I’d convert this myself and contribute, but sadly I don’t. Are there are programmer types here that could help out and contribute this into github as part of the project (if @matt agrees with the approach of course)

Hey Joel, thanks for your comment. I suppose somebody could write a “firewall” plugin of sorts – although I would try to avoid regex as much as possible (they’re confusing).

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