We have an official DigitalOcean image!

Exciting news! Our first official Caddy image is now live on DigitalOcean!


Or go to the DigitalOcean marketplace and look for Caddy:

A HUGE thank you to @Mohammed90 for making this happen.

Let us know what you think, and we look forward to making more official distributions soon!


Woah! That’s really exciting, congrats to the team.

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Hi @matt, is there an Azure image in the works? Just curious. We are using Caddy Server for reverse proxy in production on an Azure VM running Windows Server 2019.

Caddy Server is awesome!

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Not right now, but that sounds like a great idea. Would you be interested in helping us build an official image for Azure?

Hi Matt, sure. I would be happy to help.

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Awesome!! Thanks – I will send you a DM.