VoIP Web interface too many redirects

A new VoIP system was installed today at the school I work for. I have Caddy setup for a reverse proxy to redirect to a few different internal sites. The web interface for the VoIP system provides its own SSL certificate, which I believe is breaking Caddy’s proxy at some point in in the process.

I receive a too many redirects error with this configuration:
externalvoip.com { proxy / { transparent } }
If I force http on the internal address, I receive a 502 error.

externalvoip.com { proxy / { transparent } }

Any suggestions to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

It’s possible the certificate provided by the VoIP system isn’t validated.

If not, you’ll need Caddy to ignore the certificate verification. You can do that with the insecure_skip_verify subdirective for proxy.

  • insecure_skip_verify overrides verification of the backend TLS certificate, essentially disabling security features over HTTPS.


That did it! Thank you so much.

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