Virtual hosts on 'localhost'?

Is it possible to use virtual host when using localhost:2015 as the hostname?

I have tried putting the * infront and get errors about Caddy not recognizing what aim trying to do. I have looked at the docs and haven’t found much info on virtual hosts, and no info on virtual hosts where the doamin name is localhost.

Any help would be appreciated :+1:

We generally refer to “virtual hosts” as “site labels” in the context of a Caddyfile. The site label localhost:2015, combined with the site definition below it, is a virtual host in its own right.

You can find general information on how site labels fit in the Caddyfile here: The Caddyfile — Caddy Documentation

And more specific information on the HTTP server’s site label syntax here:

Cheer @Whitestrake, i had seen these but wasn’t making sense to me!

All working now! Thank you once again!

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