V2: Pre-compressed Assets

I’ve been fussing with this a bit and am concluding that serving pre-compressed assets (for example, gzip via zopfli and brotli) isn’t something one shouldn’t be doing with Caddy 2 quite yet. Does that sound right?

I found threads on gzip and brotli, however in both cases I’m finding the solutions troublesome; Often the browsers want to download the content directly as though the content is application/octet-stream.

Yeah, it’s a known issue…

So it’s still a TODO. Happy to have discussion around a design spec!


Cool! I can’t say I have any opinions on it yet, but it’s nice to know it’s something you want to do right.

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For whoever finds this in the future, this is now possible since v2.4.0, using the file_server directive’s precompressed option.