V2 Mac binary download glitch

The download for Mac from the assets in the Github releases page is a bit complicated for Safari users.

Safari automatically adds an extension .dms to the download, which is not helpful at all.

Needed a while until i realized that I need to remove the extension.

Maybe a short notice would be helpful.

That is weird. Thanks for the heads-up… I will try to remember for the next release.

Doing some cursory searching turned up instances of this bug from as far back as 2003.

How did Apple manage to preserve this bug so thoroughly? Over 17 years - there are humans born after the introduction of this bug who have legally gotten married or killed people.

I’ve managed to lose entire features I intended to keep, updating programs with shorter lifespans than that.

It’s truly impressive. Kind of like a bug version of Ötzi the Iceman.


Wow. Really impressive.

A simple solution would be to ZIP the file.

We’ve recently set up Azure Pipelines to spit out build artifacts on CI runs (thanks @Mohammed90!!). Just as a hunch, does downloading it from there work better for you?


That’s the latest build on the v2 branch, i.e. https://github.com/caddyserver/caddy/commit/e6c6210772ded5e07a9c730d22902c99d30631e2

That’s perfect. It’s a Zip, so Safari is happy with it.

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