V2: default storage location?

In the global options block of my Caddyfile, I have the following:

storage file_system {
		root	/etc/caddy/storage

If I didn’t include that in my Caddyfile, where would the storage default to? I don’t see a default mentioned in Modules - Caddy Documentation

The default locations are noted here:


To be clear, the storage parameter of the config changes the data directory.

Also, the docs do link to that information, just not at the file storage module page.

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From totally new to caddy , or with some caddy v1 experience,
based on documentation Conventions — Caddy Documentation
there is no clear instruction that tell me

log /var/log/caddy_log.log

should actually be

        log {
             output file /var/log/caddy_log.log

based on the current documentation, and with the info above,
I am guessing below is correct ?

storage file_system {
             root $HOME/.local/share/caddy

Logs and Caddy’s storage are completely separate concepts. The log documentation is here:

storage is a global option, as seen here:

The only storage driver that Caddy has built-in at this time (but more can be plugged in) is file_system, as seen here:


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