uWSGI Support for Caddy

There have already been discussions about this, but it is really mandatory as I want to use a software that is controlled by uWSGI! And since uWSGI itself does not serve static files (S/CSS, JavaScript etc), Caddy will have to do this (like Apache and Nginx)

uWSGI is an HTTP server. So just have Caddy reverse_proxy to it. That’s all there is to it.

Ah, it’s damn well hidden:

Serving static files with uWSGI

But it's need seperate configurations

You can serve your static files with Caddy. There’s many different ways to do it. But see Common Caddyfile Patterns — Caddy Documentation for a rough example. You just need to proxy the requests for your app to your uWSGI server, and let Caddy serve the static files.

This is only useful for PHP web applications! The application I use, however, is written in Python

Wrong, it’s useful for any kind of application that has a server and static files to serve. Any language. All you need is that your application server can accept HTTP.

uWSGI can do that, with the --http or --http-socket flags – I don’t know the difference between those, up to you to figure it out, I don’t use it.

FYI, someone just wrote a plugin to call WSGI directly from Caddy: