Using own step ca

Hi… i have a maybe pretty simple question but i didn’t find any help on caddy website nor on the website of step ca.

I know caddy includes the step ca and tools as dependency. I want to use my own step ca (either the stand alone ca server or at least the settings and root certificate) for my caddy https server certificate and if possible even for client authorisation. I have successfully made certificates for server and client manually with step flu and imported the certificates in settings file but I hoped for a more automatic way with automatic renewal at least on server side.

Trivial. Start your Caddyfile with:

        email you@yourdomain
        acme_ca # URL for your step CA
        acme_ca_root /usr/local/www/root_ca.crt # Path to the step CA's root certificate

Then proceed with the rest of the Caddyfile.

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I’m also wondering how you “didn’t find any help on . . . the website of step ca.” Because this page:

says exactly what I posted above.

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