Using net server type for minecraft, how to "forward client IP" to the host?

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As titled, i’m running Minecraft, and it currently works in regards to using the net plugin to proxy the port.
What i’m trying to figure out is that when a player connects, the MC host only gets the proxy’s IP logged as the client instead of the IP of the connecting player. Is there a way to pass/forward the connecting client IP through?

If this helps, this is how i have it set up:
In Minecraft player connects to (minecraft’s default port is 25565).
“Caddy-net” runs on a vm on ip
host mcadmin has a service running that hosts minecraft on a different port: 19132

the Caddyfile I use for Caddy-net:

proxy :25565 mcadmin:19132 {
  tls off

This is user data of a friend who connects from across the country:

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Hi @Namekal,

I don’t believe this is possible.

Keep in mind that strictly speaking, it’s not really possible for Caddy’s HTTP server, either; the standard for transmitting that information is to include it in an optional X-Forwarded-For or X-Real-IP HTTP header, and the upstream server is expected to look for and use that information.

With a TCP proxy, you’re not sending any headers, it’s just passing packets between the client and the upstream server.

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