Using Caddy with GoPhish

3. The problem I’m having:

I need to configure Caddy to refuse connections from certain IP ranges to a GoPhish webserver:

I’m new to Caddy and not have installed it yet as I have no idea on how to accomplish this.

Can anyone please guide me on how to accomplish this?

To block certain IP ranges, you can use the remote_ip matcher.

And then you could either couple it with abort (Caddyfile directive) — Caddy Documentation or respond (Caddyfile directive) — Caddy Documentation.


@denied remote_ip
abort @denied
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Thank you for your reply, @IndeedNotJames!

And how can I put Caddy in front of GoPhish?

Setup the service (in your case GoPhish) as usual and use the reverse_proxy directive (hotlink to examples).

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