Unable to download caddy with godaddy module

It reports “Build failed” error when trying to download caddy with godaddy module in this download site. Any idea how to workaround this?

You can build it yourself with xcaddy: Build from source — Caddy Documentation

Actually, nevermind; the plugin is currently broken, see Can't build with xcaddy 0.3.2 & Go 1.20.4: `can't find reason for requirement` · Issue #7 · caddy-dns/godaddy · GitHub

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Okay, I fixed it with a new release Release v1.0.3 · caddy-dns/godaddy · GitHub

I think the Download page will still try to use the older version though, so what you need to do is use the little version text box on the right of the plugin and enter v1.0.3 to force it to use that version.

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