Transparent directive - is it still valid?

I am using an older version of Caddy (0.9.3). I was thinking of upgrading it to the most recent version; not for any particular reason, but just to have the latest and greatest. However, I thought I should check that my current Caddy setup, which works great, will continue to work. One of the directives I use is the transparent directive. I want to keep using something like that where Caddy just sends all requests to my web-server without changing them in any way. However, I could not find the transparent directive in the documentation. Is it still there? Also, can I lookup again (to refresh my memory) on what it does? I want to make sure that my websocket connections are not timed out by Caddy.

Thank you so much for this awesome server.

Hi @curious!

The transparent subdirective is alive and well, you can find the docs here:

Thanks very much Matthew. That helps a lot. I was looking into directives, had not realized (which now seems obvious given where it is written), that I should be looking into the subdirectives.

Thanks again.

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