Too many certificates created

Someone took a look at my code and noticed that I was creating a new SSL certificate everytime I was creating my Caddy container.
I was warned that Caddy could block the SSL certificate creation if I kept on doing it.
Now, when I try to run my caddy container ( with Docker Compose), the Caddy container is not created anymore.
Does it have to do with creating a SSL certificate everytime I was building the container?
What can I do now?
Thank you

Were you not using volumes properly? We have a section on the recommended setup with Docker:

You’re supposed to be mindful with your data, Caddy or otherwise.

What do you mean by “not created anymore”? Please be specific. What are you seeing in logs or terminal?

Either way, always check your logs for information. It’s possible that you’ve hit Let’s Encrypt’s rate-limit, but that depends completely on how often you rebuild your containers.


Hey @Mohammed90 ,

Thank you for your quick reply.
This is how I am using volumes:


    build: ./frontend
      - "5002:5002"
      - "443:443"
      - "80:80"

    # Retrieving the profile pictures from the server
      - "/srv/personioClone/profilePictures:/srv/personioClone/profilePictures"

    build: ./backend
      - "5001:5001"

    # Saving the pictures on the server
       - "/srv/personioClone/profilePictures:/usr/src/app/profilePictures"


The frontend container is acutally caddy serving the static frontend.

What I mean by the caddy container is not created anymore is that when I try to run the docker-compose, the backend container is being created but not the caddy container.
The only way I know how to check the caddy logs is being doing:
docker logs name_of_container
But since there is no container created, I cannot see the logs.
Maybe you can help me understand what I might be doing wrong.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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