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Oh well. In for a penny…

My seldom-updated blog at Them’s Good Broth! has been Caddy-powered for the past several years. One article, in amongst the miscellanea which might be of interest to people here is this one…

…in which I walk through my wrestling with getting Caddy, Hugo & Isso comments playing nicely together.

Incidentally. Maybe my use case has been very undemanding [low popularity static site, etc] but I was surprised to see the announcement that…

Version 2 is what Caddy 1 could have and should have been, but was impossible with the technology of the time

…because Version 1 of Caddy has been a welcome case of “fire & forget” for me.

In the past however many years it is since I first installed one of the earliest releases and apart from whenever I’ve manually rebooted the server for one reason or another, I’ve never had a single problem, or a single minute of downtime with Caddy V1. So, while it’s always good to see “new improved” releases, from my point of view at least, there was very little wrong with V1.


This is cool! Thanks for sharing.

Is there anything that Caddy could have done, or have been configured to do, to alleviate the pain points with embed.min.js that you described in the article?

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To be honest; at this distance (that post’s nearly 2 1/2 years old), I can’t really remember much detail about what I found tricky at the time. I seem to recall it was mainly just a case of trying to work out the proxying syntax in Caddy so it corresponded to how Isso needed to be configured.

And, as I alluded to earlier; the fact that, once setup, I never had to go back and tinker with Caddy again is quite a testament to how rock-solid it’s been for me. Especially as I’m fairly sure the first version I installed was a 0 point something release.

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