The modules available on download page is not up-to-date

Hi, I’m an author of DNS Provider for Azure.

I’ve released a new version 0.2.0 few weeks ago, and I’ve clicked rescan on my account page (Dashboard - Caddy) at that time.

The problem is the only a build containing the old 0.1.0 can be downloaded through the download page. I’ve selected Linux amd64 and

It seems that the binary with old module has been cached internaly and I can’t find the way to force to build new binary with new version of the module.

I’d like to know the way to make new version of the module available through download page. Is there something I should do or missing as developer of the provider?

I have checked some other DNS providers and they seem have similar issue; only the build with old versions are downloaded.

Thanks in advance.

Yeah, it’s known that the rescan button isn’t working right now. There’s some bugs in the download server implementation there.

What you can do is specify the version to download via the little text box in the version column. That will force it to use the version you want.

Thanks for the advice!! I hadn’t noticed that the version column was inputtable…

Indeed, when I manually entered v0.2.0 and downloaded it, I was able to download a build containing the specified version of the module.

However, after that, if I download again with the input field empty (showing “latest”), old v0.1.0 is downloaded.

Is there any way to make sure that v0.2.0 is downloaded even when I download it with the input field empty?
It’s unfriendly that it’s showed “latest” but it is not actual “latest”, so if it possible, I want to update the version that is downloaded by default to be the latest v0.2.0.

Unfortunately no (because of those bugs). But you can right-click the Download button and copy the link, and use that.

@matt will need to wipe out the version cache on the build server for it to pick up the new versions.

Understood, thank you.

I think the cache will be wiped out at least when Caddy 2.4.0 is officially GA’d, so I’ll wait for that.

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@kurokobo , see the how the download links are being structured here. This is one of the ways to get the latest for a particular module.


Thanks for good examples :grinning:

Seems like there is also a problem registering new packages. Or maybe I’m doing it wrong.

@Levi_Durfee what problem are you seeing exactly?



Internal Server Error

Sorry, something went wrong:

Unable to scan modules in package

Please include this error ID if reporting: 59df74e9-73da-46c7-af0e-78ee9bc48830.


Thanks, @matt will be able to check the server logs when he has some time to let you know what the problem was.

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It looks like it’s trying to use cgo, due to the DataDog/zstd dependency. gcc is not installed and cgo is not supported by our build server.


It looks like DataDog/zstd is a dependency of Caddy.

go.sum lists dependencies of dependencies, not only dependencies of the main module, which are listed in go.mod.

Sorry I don’t think I understand.

If Caddy has a dependency that has a dependency that requires cgo, wouldn’t that mean Caddy requires cgo?

Also, you mention the build server doesn’t have gcc installed and doesn’t support cgo.

Wouldn’t that mean that the build server would always fail whether or not the package depends on cgo?

Is there anything I can do to get my package listed on the “Download” page?

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Sorry Levi, I’ve been swamped with other things. Reopening this topic, and will come back to it when I can. Ping me if you don’t hear from me in a couple weeks about it.

I’m working on this now, will take a while though.