The client rejected the server's certificate chain or signature

Hi, all. I want to use QUIC by using Caddy. But I meet an error when I use wireshark to capture packets.
I can capture QUIC packets and I find something error in last QUIC connection.

Why says " Proof invalid: Failed to verify certificate chain: ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID " ?

Here is my Caddy file :

tls /root/pkcs/out/2048-sha256-root.pem /root/pkcs/out/2048-sha256-root.key
root /var/www/html/
fastcgi / php

I follow this link1 to generate these two keys named " 2048-sha256-root.pem " and " 2048-sha256-root.key ".

And I install this file " 2048-sha256-root.pem " into my Chrome. But I still meet the error shows above.

Could someone give me some advice ?


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