Succint statistics per site

Is there a plugin or way to get a nice summary of requests handled by caddy? There can be session only, no need to persist. Just to give a rough daily idea what the load is on a site.

For example:

 Requests: 29,879
 Duration min: 9ms
 Duration avg: 81ms
 Duration max: 5241ms
 Duration sum: 27m35.73s ($0.01)
 Errors 4xx: 9,965
 Errors 5xx: 0
 Invocations: 29,879 ($0.01)
 Errors: 0
 Throttles: 0

You can get some log parsing software to generate some really nice graphs and statistics.

I’d look into goaccess in particular. I’ve got it set up for my Caddy and it gives some surprisingly comprehensive insight just with the access logs in common log format.

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I am familiar with goaccess and I find it just too heavyweight to setup for each of my sites.

Can this be tagged a wishlist please?

No worries. You can open a feature request on the Github repo:

GitHub - caddyserver/caddy: Fast, multi-platform web server with automatic HTTPS

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