Subdomain proxy to gitea

I am attempting to forward a subdomain to a web service on a different port(gitea). But when I add the new domain caddy fails to start even though I validate the file and it reports as fine. If I remove the proxy part the normal domain works just fine.

This is my caddy file. As a note I have removed the email for the tls and it still fails to start caddy. {
root /var/www

} {
proxy /

What’s the error message you get?

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Actually I figured it out. It was just a misunderstanding of how the caddyfile likes to be formatted. I appreciate the response and I love caddy so far. Ive never wannted to set things up like this with other web servers with caddy I am looking for more to do.

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Great! If you have a chance and can post what your error and/or fix is, others who are searching later can be helped by your experience. If you want. :slight_smile: Thanks for participating!

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