Strange output from caddy-prometheus in v0.10.4

hi all. Matt, thank you very much. Just fooling around with caddy-prometheus in 0.10.4 and getting output from http://localhost:9180/metrics which just seems to be performance info about the go runtime. None of the output is what’s defined in caddy-prometheus/metrics.go at master · miekg/caddy-prometheus · GitHub. Unsure if there’s a regression or a problem with the plugin or what.
I’ve also been unable to manually compile Caddy with plugins (and have them show up as registered running $ caddy -plugins), but that’s a different thing altogether.

Literally can’t believe it, fixed with no changes in what I was doing. Perhaps there’s a polling interval I’m unaware of? Only noticed, just right now, thinking I should create a pastebin of the output.
Everything works great, it seems.

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