Starting caddy on 2 IP addresses


My test server has multiple IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
There is an option for caddy -host ipaddre/host to start listening on a single IP of hostname.
I tried to get this on 2 IP addresses, but that didn’t work.
Is this possible?

caddy -host,1223:123:12::120
caddy -host,[1223:123:12:1::120]

Thank you!

Hello @sebastian,

I don’t know if that is possible only using the command line options, but you can create a Caddyfile in the root path of your website with this content and it should work:,

root .

I hope it helps! :smiley:


Also related, follow this issue:


That is exactly where I am looking for. Didn’t realy have time to dive in to this. Let me do that tonight (Europe/Amsterdam timezone :slight_smile: )

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