Sslh'esque proxying in caddy v2

I haven’t been a heavy plugin user in v1, but now I’ve come across which sounds like it could’ve made proxying e.g. minecraft possible - I’ve had to resort to: GitHub - yrutschle/sslh: Applicative Protocol Multiplexer (e.g. share SSH and HTTPS on the same port) instead.

I tried to proxy directly from a domain to the server IP, adding tcp/ infront of the final proxy location, … but it would always refuse to work - is there any way to achieve what sslh does with caddy v2 reverse proxying?

Yep, it’s possible! In fact I’m already doing it, with Project Conncept: GitHub - mholt/conncept: Project Conncept: A layer 4 app for Caddy that multiplexes raw TCP/UDP streams

It’s really cool. :slight_smile:

Sponsors can access it today, and once I reach a sponsorship goal (already ~50% there!) I’ll release it publicly.

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Awesome to hear, though from that I assume there is no way on caddy “yet” and it’s in its early steps so far, so not anytime soon even if reached with the sponsor goal?

Not trying to belittle it, just trying to understand if that’s a feature-set soon to be expected (assuming sponsor goal reached) or if it is a giant sub-project in itself that needs a lot more time, as I lack the understanding of the task size.


Nah, it’s still new, but it’s fully functional. I’m already multiplexing TLS, SSH, and HTTP with it. Sponsors are already using it, too. I hope you’ll consider sponsoring, then you can use it right away! It’ll also help accelerate development and make it better.

Thanks for clarifying! though for me personally the sponsor entry level tier is too high to afford and I was more curious if I was just doing something wrong for it to not work.

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