SSL for Lan domain?

So I am trying to get a SSL cert for the Lan IP which I am using as a webdav server.

I have tried specifying the https protocol, but it checks for the certificate online, which of course, fails.

And when I try to use basic Auth for the webdave server over Lan, window’s 10 is unable to connect as the server supposedly is rejecting the connection.

Hi @Merith-TK,

You can’t get valid SSL for a private IP address via ACME. (You’ll be hard-pressed to get valid SSL for an IP address, period.)

You will need to specify your certificate (tls cert key) or use a self-signed one (tls self_signed).

As of a few releases ago, SNI mismatch will result in Caddy causing a TLS error by refusing to send a certificate. That means that a provided certificate must have the hostname you’re using over LAN (e.g. as one of its names; or, for a self-signed certificate, that hostname must be the site label.

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