SSL Error on when visiting site on iOS

1. The problem I’m having:

How can I make the lets encrypt cert work on iOS? It’s working fine in Firefox on fedora, but on iOS I receive this error when opening the site in safari or Firefox:

See this post for all technical details of my setup.

WTF, right now its working. I just executed stop and run and then another stop and start to have it running in the background

We actually encountered this bug ourselves on an older version of Caddy this summer. It happened only on Apple clients. I even unboxed a new Macbook this year straight from the factory and upon loading the Caddy website, it was showing an old certificate that didn’t exist anymore.

Upgrading to the latest version fixes it though. Try that.

I am running the latest build:

root@paperless-ngx:~# ./caddy_linux_amd64_custom --version
v2.7.5 h1:HoysvZkLcN2xJExEepaFHK92Qgs7xAiCFydN5x5Hs6Q=

It has happened anew since you upgraded / restarted?

No it’s working as it should since 3 hours. I will update if i notice that it doesn’t work anymore

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Ok. I’m pretty sure it’s fixed then.

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