Srv-captain--staff-app.1.w4664tt695ol@yea03 | run: loading initial config: loading new config: starting caddy administration endpoint: listen tcp [::1]:2019: bind: cannot assign requested address

I encounter this error when deploying my app… I use a linux server…

this is my configuration in the CaddyFile that I run… and it is a laravel app.
:80 {

root * /srv/app/public

@websockets {
    header Connection *upgrade*
    header Upgrade    websocket

reverse_proxy @websockets {
    header_down -X-Powered-By

redir /index.php / 308
redir /index.php/ / 308
route /index.php/* {
    uri strip_prefix /index.php
    redir {path} 308

encode gzip
header -X-Powered-By


I need help or assistance to resolve this error

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Please don’t put the error message in the post title, that looks very messy and is hard to read.

Does your system have IPv6 properly enabled/supported?

Yeah… It uses IPv6 but I don’t it is properly configurated…
Anyways I have been able to resolve the issue selve…
I had to force it to use a specific IP address at thr administration endpoint … By adding to the caddy file the lines below;




Ok please. Well noted.

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