Specific version of caddy

Hello, I need to download specific version of caddy server… how do I do this?

can I just use xcaddy build v2.4.6? I want the whole module on this version…

It depends how you plan to run or install Caddy.

Please fill out the help topic template, the questions in it ask important context necessary for us to accurately help you.

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exampledomain.xyz {
reverse_proxy http://somedomain.net { ← this domain right here is an IPFS domain
header_up Host {http.reverse_proxy.upstream.host}

problem: version 2.4.6 I can reverse proxy to IPFS deployed domain but not 2.5.1

I got suggestion that the header get passed into the request… unlike the version 2.4.6 that was not…

any idea how to do this?

What do you mean? What specifically doesn’t work? What’s in your logs?

Again, please fill out the help topic template, as per the forums rules.

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